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Affordable Access Control and Inventory Tracking solutions

The VendNovation System

VendNovation provides future-proof software and hardware to meet the needs of the modern vending industry. We work hard to produce affordable, easy to use software and hardware that will help you save money.

VendNovation Hardware

The heart of the VendNovation system is a custom vending machine control board that works in a variety of machines and has many modern features. Each controller board has an RJ45 Network connection port that allows the vending machines to talk directly to VendNovation's hosted software or Point-of-Sale systems that have used our Software Development Kit. Each board also supports DEX, Credit Card hardware, keypads, various card readers (RFID, Magnetic Stripe, Barcode), biometric devices, and many other custom extensions.

For customers who don't want to replace their current machine control board but still want updated functionality (Credit Card processing, Dex Support), VendNovation provides a MDB Bus connected device with much of the same functionality as our custom controller.

Vendor Software

VendNovation provides a hosted, web based software system that gives you real time access to the operation of your vending machines. All you need to access your vending machine data is an active internet connection and a modern web browser. You get 24/7 access to your data anywhere you have access to the internet. See current machine status, hardware alerts, earnings information (by machine, product, route, or account). Pre-pick product to service machines, schedule machines for service, view interactive reports and more in real time.

Client Software

VendNovation's reports can be made available to site managers who have an interest viewing current commission status. Reports on earning by machine as well as commission value provided the type of information that sites require for accountability, all through a third party provider. This has been shown to be a powerful sales tool in landing new sites as well as negotiating commission and placement with site managers.

Point of Sale Integration

VendNovation offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) for direct integration with existing Point of Sale systems.

More Information

If you would like to learn more email us at info@vendnovation.com or call 425-637-2344 x118