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Affordable Access Control and Inventory Tracking solutions

Welcome to VendNovation

VendNovation produces affordable, high quality solutions to common access control problems. Web-based software tied to our intelligent vending controllers enables automated inventory tracking, per-product item restrictions, point of sale integration, routable system alerts, remote machine configuration, and much more. Read on to see how we can help you save money.

Web-Based Software

Unlike some other vending based inventory management solutions, VendNovation uses modern Web Technologies to provide real-time access to your data. Generating usage reports, setting restrictions on inventory usage, deploying new machines, and most other management operations require nothing more than an internet connection and a modern web browser. No extra software to install or keep updated means that you can focus on what the data means instead of how the system works.

Routable System Alerts

Don't guess, let VendNovation tell you when you are about to run out of your best selling candy or life saving drug. VendNovation's email based alert system is powerful and flexible: letting you know when product is running low or part of the vending machine has broken. Find out before your customers or employees complain.

VendNovation's alert-escalation tools automatically delegate issues based on specific Machine Location or Issue Type, freeing you to deal with only the most important issues.

Remote Machine Configuration

Set pricing information, change product locations, reserve inventory for specific employees, change temperature settings and more without going into the field.

Item Restrictions

New accountability laws giving you headaches? Want to make sure that not just anyone walks away with your expensive equipment? Want to know what new tool-bits were used on a given project?

VendNovation's powerful and flexible restriction system allows you to make sure that only those employees who need a given product will get it. Each dispense is automatically logged, including optional user-defined Allocation Codes.

Need even more accountability? You can mark any product to require the presence of a second Employee (who must present valid credentials of their own) in order for it to be dispensed.

Limit product usage by total cost or a specific number over any given Day, Week, or Month (and be notified if someone tries to get something they shouldn't).

Need to know when a special high value item is being used? Set up a system alert to email you each time a product is dispensed.

Thinking of phasing out a Tool? Check access histories, or set up a 'has not been dispensed' alert and let the system find out for you how often it is being used.

Point of Sale Integration

Run a company cafeteria? VendNovation provides a generic vending service that your Point of Sale provider can use to record Vending Machine dispenses in their existing system.

Want to Learn More?

Contact us at info@vendnovation.com or call 425-637-2344 x118.